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Process Oriented vs. Result Oriented what is the difference


Many of us think it is best to always think about the end result of hard work. But your mindset and focus can be great to also help you love the process. What happens if the end result excites you but the day to day tasks are boring or not exciting at all? You can become burnt out real quick! This is why we need to consciously switch our mindset from results oriented, to process oriented. imagine your ultimate goal(s)/result(s) at the start of your day, which will excite you. Then switch to a process oriented mindset.

“Love the process” -Stefan James

If there is one thing you learn from this blog have it be “Love the process”. Anyone can love achieving great goals, but by loving the process will help motivate you to continue your self development journey. The journey is where we learn and grow the most, which should be everyone’s life long goal, the end result is just another great bonus.

Here is an example of a process oriented person: John thinks “Today I need to workout, do cardio, eat healthy and love the process.”

Here is an example of a results oriented person: Kate thinks “I want to lose 10 pounds before June 1st.”

Combining the process and result into one goal looks like this: “I will lose 10 pounds before June 1st. by doing cardio, eating healthy meals and loving the process.”

you can think of the process oriented mindset as your daily goals. What process can you learn to love? (I don’t want you to be passive and not act on what you learn.) think of the desired result then break it down to a daily process.

Both Process and Result oriented mindsets work well with each other to provide the focus you need to achieve success. 80-90 percent of the time you should focus on the process and 10-20 percent focused on the end result. Use both the process and goal oriented mindsets to enhance your chances of success. And to have that extra edge to beat the competition.


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