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Tips for Motivation and how to Create Goals that Excite You

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Do your goals excite you? There are two types of goals, push goals and pull goals. Push goals are goals that you have to push yourself in order to achieve your goals. Pull goals are goals that you are pulled to, these goals are easier to achieve and more enjoyable. Set a goal to create goals that pull you. Become clear what motivates you to achieve your goals. This blog will most definitely help yourself become motivated and pulled towards your goals because they are so exciting you can’t wait to have them become reality.


here are the tips for motivation and  is:


1. What will happen if I don’t achieve this goal?


Ask yourself this question. The positives of your goal or task are not exciting you enough, make sure you understand the consequences of not achieving your task, where will that lead you? Personally this question scares me because I want to grow and change, Never settle for something that’s ‘okay’.


When setting your goals be sure to write out what excites you and what scares you if you don’t achieve that goal.


2. What will happen if I achieve this goal?


We all ask this question, but I want to help you think what the true reasons and emotions that motivate you are. Think of the absolute best thing that could come from achieving your goals (write them down). Then think of what emotions come from those experiences (write those down). Examples of this are “I want more Money”, you really don’t want pieces of paper, you want what money can give you. The reasons could be many things like I want money to buy a porsche 911 turbo. But you really don’t want just a fast car, you want to emotion that comes with the nice car, you want the feeling of pride, importance, etc. It is very important to know this about yourself. Once you know this about yourself you can create other goals that you are pulled to.

3. Make your goals know publicly


This simple tip keeps you accountable to yourself, meaning you won’t wimp out. If your really want to achieve your goals this is a must! And another great reason for making your goals know publicly gives others a chance to comment and support you, giving you another boost! Leverage any advantage you can!


4. You’re not a failure until you quit


Hopefully you have learned this principle in your life. Anyone who has tried something new has failed, but because they failed they know what not to do, which is worth its weight in gold! Don’t be afraid to fail, Failure is a good thing, just make sure you learn from your mistakes.


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CJ Garner

Tips for Motivation and how to Create Goals that Excite You
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