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Top 7 Rules for Success

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The Top 7 Rules for Success

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone knows how. these Top 7 Rules for Success will changed the game for anyone wanting to become successful. today I’ll teach you these Top 7 Rules For Success. but just reading about these rules wont benefit your life and dream of success, you have to apply them and act. It takes three steps until you can become fluent in the language of success, first Know, second Do, and third you must live. these three steps will be help you see how close you are to success.



  • 1. Confidence

Confidence is the first of the Top 7 Rules For Success and is an essential skill and habit that every successful person has. This may sound simple but when you know that you will be successful no matter what, your mind creates the pathway towards success. Confidence also help you have the motivation to overcome any obstacles in your way.


  • 2. Growth Mindset

Mindset goes along with Confidence in many ways because confidence is a mindset in which you actively focus and train your mind to become confident, its just like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it gets. The same thing goes with mindset, train your brain to overcome fears and obstacles.

“People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort. They outperform those with a fixed mindset, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.” – Travis Bradberry

If you want to learn more about how to create a growth mindset Carol Dweck has an amazing book, click here to read it.


  • 3. Make Everyday Count

This is a habit that everyone needs to have! For me, I think “What can I do today, that will give me the success I want tomorrow?” this is a powerful question to ask yourself. (The world is so caught up in instant gratification, that’s why only a few people are successful.) This question alone will change your mindset and help you make better decision, decision that are actually life changing. Get into the habit of making everyday successful. There is a saying that I love, which says “I worked every night to become an overnight success.” This is so true! What we do now will change what we get in the future. So start taking action now and apply these Rules/Habits to your life.


  • 4. F.O.C.U.S.

Robert Kiyosaki has a great definition for Focus, here it is: Follow One Coarse Until Successful. When I first started kindle publishing, I went through the coarse and thought I knew everything, but I wasn’t successful. I found another coarse that taught Amazon FBA (physical products) and I tried to do both, but that ended up not happening. I decided that in order to be successful I needed to work at one thing at a time. So I went through my kindle publishing coarse again and again, learning new things every time, but I’m still not super successful but I know that I will be Successful, if I FOCUS.


  • 5. How to Manage your Emotional State

Number 5 out of the Top 7 Rules for Success is, Being able to change your State which is another key habit that all truly successful people have. Our effectiveness and ability to preform a certain task is effected by our emotional state. Lets take public speaking for example, when you hear the word “public speaking”, what emotions do you feel? Some might say fear, anxiety, etc. others may see it differently, they may see it as power, excitement, and joy. The way you link emotions to different words, will affect your behavior. This is where we need to have self awareness in order to manage our ¬†emotional state.

Here are some steps that will help you manage your state.

  1. Like we just talked about, BE AWARE of what triggers your “Stupid State”. (-Tony Robbins) If your scared to speak in public, more likely than not you wont preform as well as you could have, if you had complete confidence. Knowing that what you will say will make a huge impact in others lives.
  2. Don’t let others criticism or past experiences affect your emotional state. Pretty much what I’m saying is, “Don’t let others control you, that’s called Slavery!” (-CJ Garner) Here is another quote that I really like “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” (-Aristotle) do you want to be nothing? embrace criticism, it means your doing something right (To a certain extent.). You control your emotions, you therefor control every outcome and how successful you are!
  3. Change the physiology of your body. If I asked you what does someone, who has complete confidence, look like? you would answer, They are standing tall, chest out, shoulders back, happy and smiling. Our body tells us how and what emotions we should feel. Lets take advantage of this Life Hack. when you catch yourself feeling nervous, change your posture as if you had complete confidence. train yourself to do this whenever you need a confidence boost or need energy.
  • 6. Strategy

Knowing how you are going to be successful and having a set plan are crucial! Invest in courses and books that you are interested in, this will help fast track you to the big leagues. Network and be around others that have gone through what you want to do. This applies to everyone who wants to be successful, no matter what you are interested in, their is someone who has achieved success before you. try to module those you admire!

  • 7. Make the Choice

Every successful person has made and keeps making the daily choice of being successful and to achieve their goals. This is also called commitment. Most people chase one idea for a week or two, then find the next best thing and then chase that idea and so on. This is called the dabbler mentality, which is a viscous cycle, and why many wont be successful. Understanding that success takes patience and hard work is something you must learn. This goes along with rule number 3, committing and choosing daily success, patience, and being committed to one Idea/Strategy. I talk more about this rule for success here: Robert Kiyosaki- Choose to be Rich


These are the Top 7 Rules For Success.

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CJ Garner



Top 7 Rules for Success
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